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Webelos II den prepares to bridge

Arrows of lightAs the Webelos II den prepares to bridge to Troop 200, the boys reflect upon their favorite memories and anticipate what it will be like to be a Boy Scout.

Looking back:

  • “I will miss sleeping over at cool places like the time we slept at the aquarium.”
  • “I will miss going to Skyzone and jumping around.”
  • “I will miss the Pinewood Derby because it’s fun every year.”
  • “The fossil digging was fun because you find real fossils.”
  • “One thing I will miss about Cub Scouts is the Blue & Gold. It is really exciting and fun.”
  • “I will miss launching rockets in the burnable field.”

Looking forward:

  • “I look forward to camping in the forest where I might get eaten by a bear.”
  • “I am looking forward to cooking delicious meals.”
  • “I would like to build a campfire in Scouts.”
  • “I look forward to becoming a Scout because we can do whatever we like.”
  • “I am looking forward to going to new places like rope courses.”
  • “I am looking forward to other trips in Boy Scouts such as camping trips.”

All six boys have earned the Arrow of Light and will receive the award during their bridging ceremony.

Webelos 2 Rocket Launch

At their November 7 den meeting, the Werewolf Patrol (Webelos 2) began construction on Model Rockets for their Scientist Activity Badge. The boys Constructed and designed their rockets at the den meeting and were able to launch them this weekend.

Mr. Sam demonstrating to the scouts how the parachutes are put in the model rockets

Preparing to launch!

How high will the rocket go???

Mr. Sam looks on as another rocket readies to launch

Houston we have a problem

What a great experience!!